muriel      gladney

Author. Motivational Speaker.

Purposed Encourager of God's High-Heeled Warriors

 Muriel Gladney has a mission to encourage the people of God to have JoyNJesus.  Like the Samaritan woman, Muriel is a living, 20th century,  flesh and blood woman.  Her transformed life in Jesus proves that an ungodly past did not, and cannot, nullify God's plans for the women in His Kingdom plans. 
"As a former atheist, who was changed into an Ambassador for Jesus by God, my purpose is to encourage especially women to know from God's Word that they are an essential part of the kingdom of Jesus Christ. Thus,  my books reveal God's first-hand involvement  in achieving His purpose in our lives." 

Jesus said to GO and SHOW what He has taught, Matthew 28: 20.  Gladney, now the author of three books, uses them to SHOW and 'tell"  what it takes to walk in a  Faith that withstands all challenges. 

Christian believers are in a "spiritual war,"  2 Timothy 3: 12.  Nevertheless, it is also written that the people of God need not fear, Romans 8: 31-39.


"We Are One" reveals a long-sought truth that will change the lives of many women. Finally, they will  'see' and understand their vital importance in this spiritual battle. More so, they will know why they have been under attack.

 God wants His valuable and loved High-Heeled Women Warriors to diligently labor to be approved, a workman

who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling His word of truth.       

2 Timothy 2: 15