Time Frozen is spelled G.R.I.E.F.

February 18, 2019

Scientists have been trying to figure out for centuries how to stop time.  They should ask a widow.

The word grief consists of five letters. Webster’s dictionary describes it as sorrow, heartache and unhappiness, among others.

Our English explanation is lacking. Grief is like living in a vacuum, standing on nothing, existing but not living.

You look the same.  Your hair is the same color. You get up in the morning and bathe, etc. You dress as usual. You tell people “I’m fine.”  But nothing seems real. 

It is clear, now, why both the Old and New Testament scriptures stress to God’s people to take care of widows.

Everything around me was moving. Everything was being done on a timely manner. I moved when they said move. I sat down when they said sit.  I ate when they said eat.

Everyone kept asking me how I was doing. I continually said fine. However, no one looked into my eyes that told the true story.

I had died along with the first and only person who had loved unconditionally. They just forgot to bury me, so it seemed.

Then, at a point when I thought there was nothing else to live for, God stepped in and took over. After bringing me back to life, true life, by assuring me of His existence, He encouraged me by letting me know that I, and every other human being, was His wondrous creation. Shortly thereafter, He reignited my childhood dream.

When I was a child, it was my desire to write books about a hero who would come and same me. Today, I write about a Christian’s real and eternal Hero. He came. He saved me. His name is Jesus.

Point. Our life is not over until God says it is done.

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2 Timothy 2: 15