BrainWashing Would Solve all Problems

August 24, 2018

Americans are subjected to brainwashing everyday.


A half-hour television show has on the average 7-8 commercials per segment. Each commercial promotes and markets a particular product or food. Sometimes the same commercial on a given product will be repeated two or three times. It is now in your mind to go and try that hamburger, or buy that cereal, or car, etc.


Movie theater owners now run commercials prior to movies. robotic phone calls pester people on a continuous basis with their commercials about products.


This process is called subliminal brainwashing. But, people of God, have you ever given any thought as to where this concept originated?


Numerous scriptures reveal God's command that a Christian believer has to repent. The meaning of repent is to “think” different versus their ungodly thoughts that lead to sin.  But how?


A multitude of scriptures state that God’s Word is cleansing water, Ephesians 5: 26; John 3: 5; John 15: 3, and more. The goal of a “brain-washed mind” is that we, His body, can have the mind of Christ.


A spiritually reborn individual thinks different about their own value as it relates to being a child of God. More so, a new mind leads a person to think different about the value of others. Thus, when we “think” like Jesus with the “scripture-washed mind,” we understand that every person, good, bad, and just plain ugly acting, is yet a creation of God. They are simply lost in sin, i.e. blind to His love.


And, men will no longer think of others, especially women, as chattel—something to be owned. And, with a new “scripture-washed” mind, brainwashed, men will no longer feel they can kill, abuse, or destroy, a woman and children—wife or not.


Remember, People of God, the battle between Goϕd and evil is about the control of the mind.

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