Where does the rubber meet the road?

August 3, 2018

WHERE DOES THE RUBBER MEET THE ROAD?  – “Where the rubber meets the road” is an old saying. It means that in a crucial situation, when all the facts are in, a choice must be made as to the next step or direction to go. Reports of demonic attacks, ungodly bodily possessions, and persecution, within the body of Christ, clearly indicate that it is time for the people of God to make a choice. It is time to KNOW “where does the rubber meet the road?   Are you ready People of God?   FAITH DOES NOT COME BY HEARING.



Although much of the body of Christ can seem to quote Romans 10: 17 that “faith comes by hearing the Word of God,” the rest of what God said in this chapter seems to remain a mystery. It is time to either TRUST the Word of God as true—Or not.



Scripture reveals that Apostle Paul is actually challenging the new Roman converts to consider whether faith actually comes by hearing, verses 18. And, in verse 21, he reminds his audience that God Himself spoke against the disbelief of the children of Israel, [in Isaiah 65: 2], despite their having continually ‘heard’ the Word through the prophets. Yet they still did not obey God, verses 19-20.



Throughout the Bible, numerous scriptures make it clear that hearing is not the key. For instance, God ‘TOLD’ [hearing] Abraham to “leave his family.” Abraham took Lot. Abraham’s faith [i.e. total trust] in God was not yet established. The presence of Lot created many problems until Abraham separated from him, as God told him in the first place. Thirty plus years later, Abraham’s faith in God was complete, Genesis 22: 1-14.



How then does our faith today, i.e. total trust in Y@hovah and the Son grow? Jesus gives us the answer.



In John 17, Apostle John records Jesus’ words that belief in Him WILL COME THROUGH [THE STUDY OF] THE WRITTEN WORD OF THE DISCIPLES, verse 20. Apostle Matthew also wrote that JESUS SAID the Word of God is a believer’s food, Matthew 4: 4. In other words, EAT/diligently STUDY the Words of the New Covenant, and watch your faith grow.


It works.

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