god: The real transformer

The hardships of childhood abuse resulted in my becoming a full-blown atheist, who was convinced that God did not exist. Nevertheless, when it was my appointed time, God kept His eternal promise in Isaiah 65: 1 to come for the lost. He introduced Himself in 1995. More so, His first revelation of His Truth has remained as the unchanging foundation of my faith walk for 24 years. I jokingly tell people that I was hid in plain view—in the world—until it was time for God to bring me forth. This journey to life is recorded in my book: Mine: An Everlasting Promise of Love, Deliverance, and Wholeness.


During my spiritual rebirth, His Holy Spirit confirmed two truths. One, Y@hovah [His eternal name] is the God and creator of all, as it is written in the Bible. And, two, we, mankind—male and female—are His anointed and purposed creation, Genesis 1: 26-27.


At the age of 61,  I returned to college and graduated with an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts and Science, with honors. During that time, I also functioned as a journalist for the college paper, wherein I received several awards for my articles on walking the talk of Faith. During my last semester, I was Editor-in-Chief. 


Led by His Holy Spirit, God transformed me from an A to an A—an atheist to an ambassador for Jesus. Now, I am a published author of three books, and a motivational speaker and purposed encourager of women. In addition, I am published in God Encounters, by author James Stuart Bell.  


My ministry platform is singular but four pronged.

            Women were and are Eternally purposed and anointed both for our role on earth, and in the spiritual kingdom of Jesus Christ, as His High-Heeled Warriors. This is the foundation of all three books. 

            A] God is Unchanged from the promises in His written word; and

            B]  as with the Samaritan woman in John 4, our former life does not  nullify our kingdom  purpose; and

            C] knowledge of our true identity is essential to walking in our  ordained purpose; and

            D] persecution serves a unique purpose.


 God wants His valuable and loved High-Heeled Women Warriors to diligently labor to be approved, a workman

who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling His word of truth.       

2 Timothy 2: 15